Attorney Philosophy and Practices

Cutrera Law Firm – Attorney Philosophy

Our purpose is to deliver superior legal representation to our clients. We accomplish this by living our beliefs.

Our Beliefs and Attorney Practices

We have a set of enduring beliefs that are ingrained in the way we think and act. Consistent with those beliefs, we provide superior legal representation to our clients.

  1. Client Selection. We select only those clients with whom we are comfortable. As a law firm, we realize that the overriding value that we provide to our clients is TRUST. A relationship in which a client cannot trust in the representation of his/her attorney is a relationship that should not be entered. Similarly, we believe that a law firm should not represent an untrustworthy client.
  2. Case Load Management. We are not a law firm “mill” seeking profits through low-quality volume service. We realize the importance of legal matters in our clients’ lives. Thus, we limit our number of cases so that we can devote the attention to them that is essential for quality representation.
  3. “Aggressive” Justice. We will do everything possible within the law to accomplish our client’s goals. We will always be open to a fair negotiated settlement but will take the case to trial if necessary to achieve justice.
  4. Communication. There is no excuse for poor communication between an attorney and client. We will return all telephone calls within 24 hours. We will keep our clients informed of case developments.
  5. Professionalism. We will interact with all clients and opposing parties in a professional manner.
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