Article published in Family Advocate: How to turn your case into the Divorce From Hell

The Divorce from hell article is a nice piece written by Michele Cummings that illustrates some of the things you SHOULD NOT do with your divorce case.  Unless you want to be miserable and cause as much stress and grief as possible.  Cutrera Law is not recommending turning your divorce into a divorce from hell. There is some sarcasm here. You Have to read the article to get the context.  It is definitely worth your time to read.

Click here to read How to Turn Your Case into the Divorce From Hell

by Michele Kane Cummings

Published in Family Advocate, Vol. 34, No. 1, (Summer 2011) p. 22-24. The American Bar Association

Excerpt: Let’s face it, divorce is no fun. It is a painful, traumatic, terrible time in your life. If you really want to suffer, however, you can take steps, ratchet up the heat, and turn your divorce into the “Divorce From Hell”

Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved.

Main Points from the Article Articulate What you Do Not Want to Do

Divorce Attorney and Family Law – Divorce Attorney, Family Law, Child Custody and Litigation.  Why practice in divorce and family law as well as personal injury? Because I believe that they are similar in many ways. Like the personal injury victim, one involved in a divorce or modification battle needs someone to aggressively represent their interests. Their spouse or ex-spouse is certainly not focused on their needs or wants. Often, they are also unconcerned with their children’s best interests.I take great pride in helping my clients and the Court focus on the key issues in a divorce or modification proceeding, whether that be the children’s well-being or ensuring that the parent paying child support is not paying so much that he or she cannot meet their own needs.