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Cutrera Law Firm: One of the Best Child Custody Lawyers in Lee's Summit, MO

Cutrera Law Firm is one of the best child custody attorneys in Lee’s Summit, MO. With a passion for helping families and individuals with the toughest of cases, our experienced legal team provides knowledgeable counsel on all aspects of family law. Through personalized attention and thorough preparation, we help clients navigate through the complexities of Missouri’s child custody laws. Led by our founder, Phillip Cutrera Jr., our firm boasts a wealth of experience and knowledge that enables us to handle any type of family law dispute. 

Whether you’re going through a divorce or need assistance modifying an existing child custody arrangement, having the best child custody lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO, working for you will provide representation that puts your interests first. We have successfully represented many parents in court who have faced difficult circumstances in their child custody case. From helping to obtain sole legal and physical custody, to drafting agreements and parenting plans that work to both parties’ satisfaction, we try to secure the best outcome for everyone involved. 

The attorneys at Cutrera Law Firm understand how emotional and complex these matters can be. With an unwavering commitment to justice and an understanding of family law, you can be sure your case will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. By utilizing our expertise in the field of family law, we’ll ensure your rights are fully protected every step of the way. Don’t hesitate – contact Cutrera Law Firm, one of the best child custody lawyers in Missouri, MO, today for a consultation on your child custody matter!

Custody Dispute Lawyers That Work For You

Cutrera Law Firm is here to help you through the difficult process of a child custody dispute. Being one of the best child custody lawyers in Lee’s Summit, MO, we have the skill and knowledge necessary to handle any type of case related to child custody issues. Whether you are looking for an aggressive trial lawyer or someone who can find creative solutions that work for everyone, the professionals at Cutrera Law Firm have your back every step of the way.

How to Resolve a Child Custody Dispute

When it comes to child custody disputes, the goal is always to come up with an arrangement that works for everyone involved. Our custody dispute lawyers take a proactive approach when handling these kinds of cases. Through mediation and negotiation, we are able to come up with creative solutions that allow both parents to work together in raising their children. 

If necessary, however, our child custody dispute attorneys are also prepared to represent clients in court if the case requires litigation. Our attorneys are well-versed in family law and have extensive experience successfully representing clients in child custody hearings. 

Two Different Types of Child Custody in Missouri

Under Missouri law, there are two different types of child custody arrangements: legal and physical. Legal custody refers to the right of a parent to make decisions regarding their children’s upbringing such as education and health care. Physical custody, on the other hand, refers to who will have primary responsibility for taking care of the children day-to-day.  

Our child custody dispute attorneys will work with you to come up with an arrangement that meets your family’s needs. Whether it is joint legal and joint physical custody or sole physical custody and sole legal custody, we strive to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved. 

What is the Difference Between Joint Custody Vs. Sole Custody?

Joint custody is when both parents share legal and physical responsibility for the care of their children. This means that both parents will make decisions together related to their children’s upbringing and the parent with primary physical custody will take care of the day-to-day needs of the children. 

Sole custody, on the other hand, gives one parent full control over all decisions related to the children’s upbringing as well as primary responsibility for taking care of them day-to-day. In some cases, sole custody can be temporary, such as in emergency situations or if one parent is unable to fulfill their parental responsibilities due to illness or incarceration. 

Modification of Existing Child Custody Orders

If you need to modify an existing child custody order, Cutrera Law Firm can help. We understand that life circumstances can change, requiring a new arrangement for the care of your children. Whether it’s due to relocation or changes in marital status, our experienced child custody attorneys will ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. 

What Are Visitation Rights When It Comes to Child Custody?

When it comes to child custody, visitation rights refer to the right of an absent parent to spend time with their children. Visitation rights are typically included in any legal custody arrangement and can be modified if necessary based on changes in circumstances. As one of the best child custody lawyers in Lee’s Summit, MO, we will help ensure that any modification to your visitation agreement is fair and reasonable for both parties involved.

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At Cutrera Law Firm, we understand how important it is for parents to be able to care for their children in the best way possible. That’s why our experienced team is dedicated to helping resolve child custody disputes and find solutions that are right for everyone. We take a personalized approach and work hard to ensure that all parties involved have an arrangement they can live with. As a law firm that specializes in family law, we also represent clients with:

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