High Net Worth Divorce

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers in Lee’s Summit, MO

With the assistance and guidance of a professional high-net-worth divorce lawyer, achieving a positive outcome during a settlement is easier than ever. That’s why if you need help from high-net-worth divorce lawyers in Lee’s Summit, MO, you’ve come to the right place. Cultrera Law is a family law attorney in Missouri that has helped countless clients throughout their divorce settlements, meaning that you can depend on our experience at every step of the process.

Western Missouri Legal Services for Your High-Net-Worth Divorce Trial

Anyone who seeks high-net-worth divorce lawyers in Lee’s Summit, MO, can place their trust in Cultrera Law. Our high-net-worth divorce law firm serves clients throughout western Missouri, including the following regions:

  • Kansas City
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  • Independence
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The Missouri Divorce Process

Avoid Unnecessarily Losing Money in Your High-Net-Worth Divorce By Knowing What Not to Do

A high-net-worth divorce settlement can be tricky to navigate without a proper understanding of the process. However, some individuals make mistakes and end up losing more money in their high-asset divorce than necessary. If you’re in the early stages of a high settlement divorce, be mindful to never do the following:

High settlement divorces, like all other divorces, are emotionally-charged experiences. However, that does not mean you should allow your feelings to dictate your decision-making. For example, you may end up giving your spouse more than necessary if you’re feeling guilty about the divorce. When angry and resentful, you might feel less agreeable during settlement negotiations and drag the process on longer than necessary. And, if you just want to get the ordeal over as soon as you can, you might agree to things that you otherwise wouldn’t. To ensure you get the best possible outcome during a high-net-worth divorce settlement, you should keep your emotions in check.

Taxes can play a significant role in a high net-worth divorce trial for several reasons, so you must never neglect them. When determining alimony based on your budget, you might agree to a price without first considering how much you’ll have to pay in taxes following the settlement. Additionally, when you choose to divorce can also be impactful. Because your marital status on December 31st determines your filing status during taxes, you and your spouse will file separately if you divorce before that date.

While you might be fearful of losing a large sum of money during your settlement, hiding assets from high-net-worth divorce lawyers will only be detrimental in the long run. During the discovery process, where all your assets are examined, an expert can uncover any money you’ve hidden. If your spouse and their high-net-worth divorce attorney learn you’ve been withholding assets, it can result in serious legal consequences and put you in a disadvantageous position. Therefore, it’s best to be honest about your assets from the start.

Receive an Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets in Your Divorce

Are you worried that you won’t receive an equitable distribution of marital assets during your divorce settlement? Then reach out to our high-net-worth divorce lawyers in Lee’s Summit, MO. Backed by over two decades of experience, our high-net-worth divorce law firm has the necessary knowledge and dedication to fight on your behalf during a settlement and in court. No matter the circumstances, we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure your high-asset divorce leads to a reasonable result.

The Missouri Divorce Process

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If you ever need assistance from high-net-worth divorce lawyers in Lee’s Summit, MO, Cutrera Law will have your back. We’re committed to providing the best divorce law services for residents of Kansas City, Blue Springs, Harrisonville, Raymore, Independence, Belton, Clay, Jackson, and Cass County, MO, so that everyone can receive quality representation. You can check out our FAQ page to review frequently asked questions about the legal process of divorce.

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