Family Law & Divorce Attorney in Kansas City, MO

Family Law in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City divorce attorney Nick Cutrera has over 15 years of experience with divorce, custody, and family law. The Law Firm serves Kansas City in the area of family law. Someone involved in a divorce or modification battle needs someone to aggressively represent their interests. Their spouse or ex-spouse is certainly not focused on their needs or wants. Often, they are also unconcerned with their children’s best interests. Cutrera Law Firm has decades of family law experience in Kansas City.

Divorce Attorney in Kansas City, MO

Cutrera Law Firm takes great pride in helping our Kansas City clients and the Court focus on the key issues in a divorce or modification proceeding, whether that be the children’s well-being or ensuring that the parent paying child support is not paying so much that he or she cannot meet their own needs. Often, a fair settlement can be achieved when the attorneys and the Court successfully focus the parties on everyone’s needs and the best way to meet them.

Child Support & Custody Lawyer in Kansas City, MO

Every case is different and must be litigated according to its merit. Cutrera Law Firm of Kansas City has successfully tried (or settled) many Kansas City divorce cases to achieve a result where both parents have substantial and meaningful contact with their children when it was in the best interests of the kids that they do so. Nick Cutrera has restricted a parent’s visitation when necessary to protect the kids. He has increased or reduced a parent’s child support depending on the financial circumstances of the parties.

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The Missouri Divorce Process

Domestic Litigation in Kansas City, MO

With respect to other domestic litigation in Kansas City, Nick Cutrera has defended clients from grandparent visitation actions where the grandparents were not the type of people that his clients want to influence their children’s upbringing. Conversely, he has helped good, loving grandparents obtain grandparent visitation with their grandchildren when they were wrongfully denied visitation before.


One satisfying outgrowth of Nick Cutrera’s domestic litigation practice in Kansas City has been step-parent adoption. Although it is not the trial work involved in his other practice areas, he does it because of the great reward in knowing that he has helped a loving step-parent adopt a child so that their relationship is legally recognized in the same way as if the child were a natural born child of that parent.