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Cutrera Law Firm Practice Areas

Attorney Practice Areas at Cutrera Law.  Nick Cutrera practices law in Missouri and provides legal services to the Kansas City, Missouri Metro area. The Law Firm office is located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The Law Firm Practice areas include cases that involve litigation, family law, injury, and traffic accidents. Our firm primarily handles legal matters in the following areas:

I am a litigation attorney. I analyze a case and prepare it for trial. If a case does not reach a fair settlement prior to trial, I am an experienced litigator that can bring the case to a judge and jury. If your legal dispute may require a trial, please give me a call. I am a litigation attorney.

Divorce Attorney, Family Law, Child Custody and Litigation.  Why practice in divorce and family law as well as personal injury? Because I believe that they are similar in many ways. Like the personal injury victim, one involved in a divorce or modification battle needs someone to aggressively represent their interests. Their spouse or ex-spouse is certainly not focused on their needs or wants. Often, they are also unconcerned with their children’s best interests.I take great pride in helping my clients and the Court focus on the key issues in a divorce or modification proceeding, whether that be the children’s well-being or ensuring that the parent paying child support is not paying so much that he or she cannot meet their own needs.

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Choosing An Attorney is an Important Decision

Choosing an attorney is an important decision and should not be based upon advertising alone. It’s important to sit down with the attorney and get a feel for him or her to make sure the relationship is the right fit for your case. Cutrera Law Firm is located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri where we can setup a 30 minute consultation to review your case.