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I am a litigation attorney. I analyze a case and prepare it for trial. If a case does not reach a fair settlement prior to trial, I am an experienced litigator that can bring the case to a judge and jury.

Many people, including attorneys, will try to convince the public that your attorney must be a specialist and focus in only one practice area in order to achieve the best result possible. I believe that this advice is incorrect in many respects. While I believe that strict specialization is preferable in some practice areas such as intellectual property, patent law, and estates and trusts, there are really only two “types” of attorneys that one needs to be familiar with: litigation attorneys (trial attorneys) and non-litigation (or transactional) attorneys.

There are many excellent attorneys that are uncomfortable going to trial. Their greatest skill may not be persuading a judge or jury; it may be drafting complex contracts, negotiating large financial transactions or administrating complex estates and trusts.

If your legal dispute may require a trial, please give me a call. I am a litigation attorney.

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Trial Attorney in Lee’s Summit serving Kansas City, Missouri Metro Area.

Choosing the right representation can be an extremely difficult process. You may be unclear as to the extent of the situation that you face and therefore do not have a clear frame of reference for what you should look for in an attorney. Our firm can provide attentive, professional, and courteous service. It is important to know that if you are facing legal issues, you may require a litigation attorney. If you are unable to come to an agreement regarding legal matters, then you will have to fight for the outcome you desire in court. We can help you to collectively address the various situations that you are facing and we can fight for your rights in court.